Save Our Sleep

Save Our Sleep

By Tizzie Hall

  • Release Date : 2015-08-01
  • Genre : Health & Fitness
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Save Our Sleep The bestselling parents' guide towards happy, sleeping babies from birth to two years, from the international baby whisperer Tizzie Hall


Tizzie Hall has gained an international reputation as a baby whisperer and miracle worker. Even from an early age, Tizzie knew how to read babies' body language and cries, and from that auspicious beginning she has developed a series of sleep routines that have provided parents and babies with a good night's sleep the world over.

Save Our Sleep is the book that parents asked Tizzie to write, and with 215,000 copies sold it has become the only book parents need to cure their own sleep deprivation! New material includes new routines, integrated feedback on routines, dummy use, express feeding, dealing with premature babies and twins, more information on teaching your baby to self-settle and brand new case studies and tips.


  • Threw a wrench into our parenting

    By ronwlevy
    We pulled this of the shelf ina bookstore. We should have known better. You have to research which books are best. If you just choose randomly, then you get someone like this who bases her advice on what worked for her, anecdotally. There is a lot of solid knowledge in the world about parenting. It doesn’t appear here. Following her formula for feeding and sleeping was impossible with our child. It drove my wife crazy for the week we (foolishly) tried it. It made her feel useless.
  • Terrible

    By AmyC83
    This book is awful and should be banned
  • Sound and sensible advice.

    By Ambitus marie
    This really worked beautifully for our family. I'm sure my baby cried less and slept better than many others. We also got to sleep too. Every time we deviate we generally find there was a reason behind the original advice. Like if you pump then everyone gets more sleep, if you choose not to that's fine but there'll be some sleepless nights. She always provides explanations and alternative options. It's not some kind of horror regime, it's a practical system that ensures the wellbeing of both the child and the parents. I find the strongly negative reviews quite confronting, it's like they're reading a different book. Tizzie is upfront about her experience and knowledge. Parents all can use their own disgression. We live in the information age, if you have any difficulties, questions or want to explore different avenues all the information is available. Also I don't believe that having children of your own or not is at all relevant. You wouldn't want every researcher/teacher to have had their own specialty. Her experience in the field is more than sufficient! That said, always read widely and never follow blindly.
  • Sleep schedules work!

    By JodieJodeJode
    Trusted friends with happy kids recommended this book to me. I was sceptical when I read some of the reviews however after reading the book front to back a few times and following the sleep schedules & settling techniques I am wondering if some of the reviewers have even read it.... when settling a newborn she only suggests letting him/her cry for 2 mins before going in and settling. We have a 7 week old who is sleeping 15-16 hours a day and only waking once for a feed around 4am (plus a dream feed as per the schedule at 1030pm). We have a happy & healthy baby & we are both getting decent sleep which means we can be happy & healthy parents. Highly recommended!
  • Child abuse

    By Kc1237
    This book completely disregards a babies biological needs and recommends leaving them alone to cry which in numerous studies has shown to have long term effects on mental health. Some of the things suggested actually make me sick, I'm not sure how publishing this is legal!?
  • Sure let's get medical advice on parenting by a 'mum blogger'!

    By Qwerrtyyuhfjsheh
    Most of this book offers advice to other parents, advice that should be only given by medical professionals. So imagine my shock and horror when I found out that her 'credentials' and 'expertise' came from her time as a baby sitter and motherhood and not from scholarly recognised sources. This book reminds me that while anyone can become a parent, that doesn't make you a good one. It also reminds me of what some people will do to earn an extra few dollars from vulnerable parents.
  • Aweful

    By Smileyren
    Just cuddle them.
  • Disconnected and cruel

    By scarlettes
    Following SOS leads to a disconnected baby and I've seen first hand the results of scheduled feeding (mastitis and underweight baby) and I can't imagine why anyone would take advice from someone who is no formal qualifications. Listen to your baby!
  • Do your own research first

    By Jw10011987
    Please be aware the author has zero qualifications in children's health or psychology, and the book was written prior to her even having her own children. There are many studies available warning of the negative effects of this style of 'training', and just because many parents will claim it 'works' does not mean it is healthy or the best option for your child. Infant sleep can be challenging but before risking the physical and mental health of your infant, consider other appropriately qualified authors, and do your own research first.
  • Dangerous information in this book

    By dnikers
    This book has methods proven to be seriously harmful to babies and children. The author is clearly out to get rich off desperate parents and doesn't care for child welfare at all. Save your money, love your baby and research the dangers of CIO method before trying it. Absolutely the worst book to exist for parents!